Niezwykli goście na mjazzgowej scenie. Włoski pianista Giuliano Parisi i peruwiańska śpiewaczka Carla Ysis – duet, który nagrał album zatytułowany „Bolero meets Jazz” w towarzystwie niezwykle cenionych polskich jazzmanów – Arka Skolika na perkusji i kontrabasisty Janusza Mackiewicza!

BILETY 30 zł przed i 35 zł w dniu koncertu

Bolero jest ponadczasowe. Wsłuchując się w jego historie pełne pasji i niezrozumienia można łatwo popaść w tani sentymentalizm. Ale ono na to nie pozwala i przez kolejne dekady pozostaje pełne gracji i elegancji. Wpływ na to mają Afro-Kubańskie korzenie, wyrafinowane linie akompaniującego pianina oraz i chwytliwe melodie śpiewu. Bolero narodziło się na Kubie, rozwinęło w Meksyku i te dwa kraje nadały ton temu stylowi rozpowszechnionemu potem w całej Ameryce Łacińskiej. BOLERO MEETS JAZZ to również tytuł albumu nagranego przez duet muzyków – Carlę Ysis i Guliano Parisi.

Carla Ysis – This musical adventure began when I was just a girl, indirectly encouraged by my family, especially by my father, who did not like the idea of his girl being a singer, but who always showed the strength and confidence that I needed to continue. In the year 1988, at 9 years old, I was already participating in local festivals and belonged to the school choir in the city of Lima, the capital of Perú, my country of origin. Entering the secondary school, I changed my course a bit as part of a group of Afro-Peruvian dances in the city of Chiclayo (Peru). As an anecdote; I remember one day being late to the rehearsal and not being allowed to dance, so I turned to the side, looking to the rest, and I began to hum in a low voice the lyrics of the songs that the group danced. Suddenly, our director approached me and said: „let’s see, sing louder”, I did so and from that moment I stopped dancing to dedicate myself only to singing. A new world opened up before me, through music, through my voice, I could express what I felt. And surrounded by people of great artistic and human quality I started this difficult path forming my own Peruvian music group. With 20 years I moved to Ecuador, a country that I also consider my own, and especially, the city of Loja. There I belonged to the “Rondalla Municipal” and I also formed my own music group „Gala Peruana”. With both groups I was able to tour to all corners of Ecuador, participating in many events and sharing scenarios with artists from Ecuador and Peru (Los Dávalos, Los kipus). But most importantly, cultivating unique friendships that last until today. In 2004 I left Ecuador and arrived in Spain, starting a new phase in my life with the “Etiqueta Show Orchestra”. Currently I am the vocalist of several musical projects with different styles (samba, reggae, salsa, boleros …) performing at festivals and sharing stages with national and international artists.
Giuliano Parisi – started playing at the seven years old in a classic style. Later he has graduated in pianoforte jazz and got a master in music composition. He got classes of Barry Harris, Greg Burk, Paolo Tombolesi, Ettore Fioravanti, Jerry Bergonzi Gregory Hutchinson, Ruben Rogers, Rachel Gould and Joe Magnarelli, and others. He worked as a composer during 2009 and won some prizes at several prestigious international contest (Ibla Competitions New York, Festival Lavagnino, TIM Competitions, Petrassi Award). In 2011 he collaborated with Conservatory jazz big band in Frosinone under M ° Roberto Spadoni direction with a French tunes repertoire. Since September of 2012 he lives in Alicante (Spain), where has been teaching jazz improvisation, musical arrangement and combo at Conservatorio Superior de Musica „O. Esplá „- Alicante, and has been collaborating with a jazz big band directed by Antonio Moltó. On October 2014 he obtained a job board of EC, in order to teach jazz music seminars in conservatory. In this year he performed with several jazz bands in Spain and Italy, in jazz clubs, theatres and auditorium, and had the chance to share stage with internation al jazz musicians likes Angel Rubio, David Harrington, José Luis Santacruz, Julio Fuster Nelson de Leon, Leon Pierre Andres Lizón, Curro García, José A. Bornay, David Cuñado, Rene Dossin, Moises Berenguer Ramon Cardo, Manolo Diaz, Valencia big band, Antonio Molto, Luis Castellano, Rechel Gould, Jerry Bergonzi and Joe Magnarelli. In 2015 released his Album “Introducing Myself” (record label Tempsrecord) with Jeff Jerolamon on drums and Julio Fuster on bass.